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Alright, it’s been a few days since I’ve posted an update on what’s going on.

Last time we talked, I told you that the script was too short for my liking.

That I was going to work on extending it because I wasn’t looking for a half hour comedy show.

Well, after racking my brian I’ve found a way to extend the script AND get a new cast member along the way.

In fact, if it wasn’t for having the new cast member, I would probably still be stumped on how to extend it.

Jordan had told me that his friend Chris, who I had met and hung out with before, was interested in being involved if we needed him.

I hadn’t written anything that needed his presence, but the opportunity presented itself when I realized the script was too short.

So I’ve developed a character that’s going to further the story and also provide some humor.

We get to visit the other characters again briefly as well and this time, for payback.

What’s interesting is that the original story was only written to cover 1 day in story time.

Now it’s spanning over 2 days, and I can keep the original ending.

The challenge now comes in making sure the part that I’m writing currently, flows easily and logically to set up the ending as it was originally intended.

It’s a challenge that has reinvigorated me because there were a few days that I just couldn’t figure out where I wanted the extension to go.

Ironically, the last time we tried to film a movie, I had written an extension just in time for us to start filming and it turned out to be my favorite piece in the clips that we were able to finalize.

I’m hoping to have the same luck this time around.

Check back in soon and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on what’s going on.

Christmas is only 22 days away now and I’m 22 days away from a tripod. Hopefully.

That means filming can begin! Though I may not be done with the storyboard for the extension by then.

We’ll see what happens!

Talk soon


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