Well, We’ve Hit A Bump

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Well, we’ve hit the first road block in the making of this movie.

I’ve got to write more.

How much more?

Honestly, I need to double what I have.


You remember how I told you that I was having breakfast with Jordan today (Tuesday)?

Yeah well, in our conversation, one of the comments he had made was “A page of script is about a minute of video.”

You gotta be kidding

My script is 25 pages.

I didn’t plan on only writing enough for a 30 minute comedy sketch!

I wanted a good length feature film. I mean, at least an hour!

I’m not trying to make the next Gone With The Wind.

Just something that makes all the work we put into it, worth it.

Now it’s back to writing more lines and situations, and going back to the drawing board to storyboard it all out.

Early 2016 is beginning to sound a lot closer than it did yesterday.

That’s OK. I’m still excited to get this thing started and I know that if I ask myself enough times “How can I develop an effective sub-plot?” I know I’ll get there.

I got a little more motivation last night.

I went and hung out with Riley last night. He said he had already started working on memorizing some of his lines!

That’s the kind of excitement and dedication I was looking for but worried about getting.

I’m going to figure out a way to make this all work.

I’m going to spend the next few hours thinking about what I can write from here.

I’ll be sure to post again once I’ve got it all figured out.



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