Stage 1: Writing

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This has been my life this past month.

A script, a storyboard and the 5 C’s of Cinematography.

Every day, my mind was constantly thinking of camera angles, character lines and situations.

Sometimes I felt like I was going insane.

But the good kind… if there is such a thing.

After writing for a few hours, I’d read a little bit, then go back and apply what I had read to my work.

At times it was tiring, but constantly thinking about the possibilities helped ease the pain.

The idea for the story actually came to me while back, but I lost the script I had started working on.

So I started writing again at the end of October and it took me about 6 days to get everything written down.

I had written the story with a certain cast in mind so, then came the time to ask them if they were interested in working on the project.

I was apprehensive though. We had tried this once and the project was never finished.

I rounded everyone together and we met over drinks at our usual watering hole.

I laid on the idea and everybody seemed to be on board, I was stoked.

While we were talking, Jordan had suggested I flesh out a storyboard. He had been taking a film class and he had some great ideas.

So, the very next day I went to the drawing board, literally.

I can’t draw worth a damn, so stick figures it is!

The suggestion for the storyboard was great. It’ll help us stay on track and not fly by the seat of our pants.

That’s what happened the last time. Did I mention how that turned out?

I’ve just recently finished up the storyboard and now it’s time to go over it with Jordan, since he’s co-directing with me.

We’re meeting for breakfast on Tuesday morning to go over everything, and hopefully we can start production by the beginning of 2016.

This is going to be a daunting task, but it’s one that I’m really looking forward to.

Check back on Tuesday afternoon, I’ll be sure to post about our meeting and what we discussed.


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